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How to Lay a Flagstone Walkway

In this how-to video, learn to create a beautiful natural-stone walkway with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook.

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to lay a flagstone walkway.

Flagstone Walkway Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Use a garden hose to lay out the shape and location of the 3-foot-wide walkway.
  2. Cut through the sod and roots along the hose using a flat-blade shovel or edger.
  3. Dig 3 to 4 inches of dirt from walkway.
  4. If you encounter a thick root, cut it out with loppers.
  5. Install steel edging along each side of the walkway.
  6. Hold the edging in place with steel spikes.
  7. Cut slots in a 2x4, spaced 3 feet apart, and slip it over the edging to maintain the correct walkway width; install one spacer every 8 feet or so.
  8. Cover bottom of excavated walkway with filter fabric.
  9. Spread 4-inch layer of pea stone over the fabric; rake it smooth.
  10. Lay flagstone onto the pea stone, making sure the best-looking side is facing up.
  11. Press the flagstone into the pea stone, then tap it with a rubber mallet.
  12. Continue setting flagstones, while maintaining consistent spaces between them.

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