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Repairing a Paver Walkway | Generation NEXT

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook teaches his apprentice some DIY Smarts on how to identify and repair a walkway that has been damaged by chipmunks.

Steps for Repairing a Paver Walkway:

  1. Examine the walkway. If the pavers have moved around but the base appears relatively firm, it might just be a freeze/thaw issue. If it appears that the pavers caved in, there’s a good chance it was damaged by chipmunk tunnels. Keep this in mind while working on the walkway.
  2. Before moving any of the pavers, take a picture of the pattern laid out.
  3. Remove the pavers and place them carefully out of the way. It helps to lay them down in the same layout they were originally in.
  4. Scrape away any soil that has grown between the pavers.
  5. Fill in any gaps with pack until the base of the walkway is level with the rest of the walkway. Use the tamper to pack everything down.
  6. Level the top of the gaps with stone dust until the base is completely level and compact it using the tamper.
  7. Relay all the pavers in order, starting from the point farthest from the walkway and working back in. Refer to the picture as necessary. Use the level to ensure each paver is level with the walkway. Use the rubber hammer to lower any pavers that might be sticking up.
  8. Sprinkle stone dust on top of the patch and work it in between the gaps of all the pavers with the push brush.
  9. If the damage from the walkway was caused by chipmunks, protect the sides of the walkway by digging a hole on both sides of the walkway.
  10. Fill both holes with concrete, then backfill with soil.


All the materials Roger used, including the rubber hammer, stone dust and concrete, can all be found at The Home Depot.

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