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S21 E11: Babyproofing, Septic Systems

In this episode, the team helps a homeowner babyproof her home. Then, Jenn Nawada discusses maintenance for houseplants. Later, Richard Trethewey explains how septic systems work.

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In this episode:

Painting expert Mauro Henrique, master electrician Heath Eastman, and carpenter Nathan Gilbert take us on a house call to help a homeowner with babyproofing their home. The three get to work testing for lead paint, installing safer outlets, and mounting gates and latches to keep baby Jack safe as he grows.

Next, we meet landscape contractor Jenn Nawada and a plant expert at a local nursery to discuss house plants and how to care for them. The two discuss some plants of varying needs, watering, drainage, soil, and more, helping plant owners simplify the burden of plant ownership.

Finally, we meet host Kevin O’Connor and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey at the shop to discuss septic systems. Richard explains how septic systems work, what they look like inside, and what homeowners can do if their septic begins to fail.

How To Babyproof Your Home

Nathan Gilbert, Mauro Henrique, and Heath Eastman help a homeowner prepare their home for their baby’s future, keeping them safe from serious hazards like poisons, electricity, and falls.

Simple Guide to Houseplant Care

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada takes us to a local nursery to discuss houseplant care with Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist Jennifer Rolo.

Where to find it?

Jenn and Jennifer Rolo, the Greenhouse Director at Weston Nurseries, offer up tips on caring for houseplants.

Understanding Septic Systems

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey teaches host Kevin O’Connor everything he needs to know about septic systems, how they work, and how to maintain them.

Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2023, Season 21; Ep. 11 23:42