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We ask the crew of Ask This Old House what they’d be doing if they weren’t contractors, and some of the answers are surprising! While everyone loves what they do now, they all seem to have a hidden interest or talent they would’ve explored if contracting didn’t work out.

For most of the team at Ask This Old House, contracting was always the goal. They grew up in the trades, or they simply loved working with their hands, and contracting was the obvious choice. But, for fun, we asked each crew member what they would do if they weren’t a contractor. Here’s what they said:

Tom Silva: Teaching

General contractor Tom Silva believes that if his life didn’t take him down the road of contracting, he’d be a teacher. He loves to share his knowledge with others and challenge them to push themselves. Many of the crew see Tom as their teacher anyway, as he’s always been there to guide them along.

Richard Trethewey: Music

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey is a creative soul, and he believes his other calling might’ve been music. He would enjoy being a musician and performing for crowds, and he’s already halfway there: He sure knows his way around a piano.

Jenn Nawada: Dog Breeder

Landscaping contractor Jenn Nawada sincerely loves what does for a living. However, if she was going to choose another career, she’d follow her other passion: Dogs. Jenn says that she would raise puppies and make sure they go to great homes, and this might be the perfect job for her considering her bond with her beautiful pup, Moby.

Heath Eastman: Engineering

Master electrician Heath Eastman says that if he wasn’t an electrician, he might be a carpenter. But, outside of the trades, Heath says the career for him is engineering. He loves math and figuring out how to solve problems and make things work, and he says engineering would be a good fit.

Nathan Gilbert: Trading and Acquisition

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert might trade in his tool belt for a career in trading and acquiring unique items. While he might not focus on tools or antiques, he believes he would enjoy sourcing items for designers and artists, and helping find homes for unique pieces.

Ross Trethewey: Mechanics

Home technology expert Ross Trethewey hasn’t thought about a life outside of the trades. But, he does believe that whatever other career path he’d pursue would involve mechanics of some sort.

Mauro Henrique: Medical

Paint expert Mauro Henrique didn’t set out to be a painter. However, during his time in the trades, he learned to fall in love with painting, and he loves it more daily. But if he had to pick another career, he said he’d be a doctor (but not without a chuckle!).