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S21 E3: Doorbell Retrofit, Driveway Edging

In this episode, Heath installs a doorbell with new wiring, Richard explains bottle traps, and Mark replaces a homeowner’s brick driveway edging with cobblestones.

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In this episode:

Master electrician Heath Eastman takes us on a house call to solve a homeowner’s doorbell problem. After moving in, the homeowner attempted to fix an old doorbell, only to have it crumble into pieces. Heath uses his expertise to track down the existing wiring and transformer first before running new wiring and installing a new doorbell, chime, and transformer—a process that might be more involved than it seems.

Next, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows host Kevin O’Connor the options for plumbing a drain to a low-profile sink. These sinks stand out half the distance of standard models, so Richard explains how a bottle trap may be the only choice for the job. The problem? They’re illegal, and he explains why.

Finally, mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner solve a draining issue—literally. Every time there is heavy rain, the homeowner’s driveway washes away. Mark shows her how to replace the existing brick border with cobblestone driveway edging to act as a retaining wall to add function and style.

How to Replace a Doorbell

Master electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner solve an old problem: locating and replacing doorbell components and wiring.

Where to find it?

Heath installs a doorbell using the old doorbell wiring. The previous homeowners disabled the doorbell and buried the old chime location in the wall.

Heath uses a tone generator to find the location of the old wiring. After confirming there is doorbell wiring behind the front hall walls, Heath uses a magnetic stud finder to confirm the location of the studs. Knowing where the studs are allows Heath to know where the bay in the wall is, so he can run wire to the chime.

After deciding where the chime will go, Heath uses a box cutter to cut a square opening to feed the wire through the wall. Using electric fish tape, he can run the thermostat wire to the chime and the basement. To connect the power, Heath installs a new transformer in the basement near the electrical panel.

Understanding Bottle Traps

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows host Kevin O’Connor how to handle sink drains in tight places.

How to Install Cobblestone Driveway Edging

Mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner keep her driveway from washing away by replacing an old, ineffective brick edging with big, bulky cobblestone.

Where to find it?

Mark works alongside a homeowner to raise the sinking driveway edging. Ideally the red brick edging acts as a barrier and helps to maintain the gravel driveway, but over time, grass or moss can grow over the edging, allowing water and gravity to pull the loose gravel over the edging.

The cobblestones were provided by Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc.

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2022, Season 21; Ep. 3 23:42

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Cobblestone edging supplier: Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc.