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S19 E16: Garbage Disposal, Concrete Wall

Tom travels to Nashville to turn an original, exterior door into a Dutch door; Richard explains how to install a garbage disposal; and Mark and Jenn reface a concrete wall with thin stone veneer.

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In this episode:

Tom Silva travels to Nashville Tennessee to help a homeowner convert her door into a Dutch door. While the easy thing to do would be to buy and install a dutch door, her door is nicely made and seems like an original to the house. Tom agrees that it’s a door worth saving and demonstrates how to make an exterior door into a Dutch door.

Afterward, Richard Trethewey teaches the process of installing a garbage disposal where there was not one originally with Kevin O’Connor. Garbage disposals are great to have because there’s less risk of plumbing drain damage from food going down the pipes, as well as less trash being generated from food waste, and reduced kitchen odor from rotting food. Richard understands why people might want to try to install one themselves so he goes over the basics involved with the installation, particularly the parts and pieces that are needed. It’s very easy to get confused in the plumbing aisle, so Richard breaks down the various PVC piping and fittings that can be found. He then demonstrates how to install a garbage disposal.

Then, Mark McCullough and Jenn Nawada dress up a drab concrete wall with stylish thin stone veneer. Since the wall is in good condition, veneer is a great choice to make it look much nicer at a smaller price than just replacing the whole wall. Mark and Jenn work together to prep the wall, apply the stone veneer, and lay a stone cap.

How to Create a Dutch Door

General contractor Tom Silva travels to Nashville, TN to convert a regular door into a Dutch door.

Where to find it?

Everything Tom used for this project, including the chisel, utility knife, hole saw, hinges, and latches can be found at home centers.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Plumbing and heating expert, Richard Trethewey, explains how to install a garbage disposal.

Where to find it?

Richard installed a Badger 100 ⅓ Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, which is manufactured by InSinkErator.

The other tools and materials he used to install the disposal, including the plumber’s putty, array of PVC piping, fittings, cleaner, and glue, and wrenches can all be found at home centers and plumbing supply houses.

How to Reface a Concrete Wall

Mason Mark McCullough and landscape designer Jenn Nawada work together to reface an ugly, concrete wall with a thin stone veneer to better match the rest of the patio that surrounds it.

Where to find it?

Mark and Jenn refaced the concrete using a thin stone veneer. The material is Connecticut Fieldstone and was cut in a mosaic pattern for installation. The stone cap was made of 2” thick bluestone treads. Both were sourced by Plymouth Quarries.

To secure the thin stone to the wall and the bluestone to the top, Mark used a modified mortar. The mortar has an adhesive in it that helps the stone to stick to the wall.

The other tools Mark and Jenn used to reface the wall, including trowels, mallets, and the level, can all be found at home centers.

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2021 Season 19; Ep.16 23:42

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