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S19 E1: All Hands On Deck

Tom Silva helps two homeowners build a two-level deck from start to finish.

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In this episode:

Ask This Old House’s Tom Silva takes you through how to add a deck to your home by helping two homeowners build the deck of their dreams.

After setting string lines and batter boards to mark the locations for the concrete footings, Tom digs 4-foot deep holes for the footings using a power auger.

Next, they set cardboard tubes into the holes and filled them with concrete.

They then frame the deck using pressure treated lumber and galvanized steel hardware. After setting the posts on the footings and attaching the ledger board to the house, Tom installs joist hangers to the ledger and beams to support the ends of the joists furthest from the house.

With all of the framing completed, Tom installed the deck boards and railings using a very dense wood called ipe.

Where to find it?

All of the ipe decking, 4x4 posts, and balusters for this project were provided by Anderson & McQuaid Millwork

Tom used a pneumatic hidden fastening system to secure the decking to the framing. It is manufactured by HidFast Deck Fastening System

The end-grain sealer is manufactured by Anchor Seal (U-C Coatings Corp.)

The plastic biscuit-type fasteners are manufactured by Eb-Ty

The software that Tom used to create the deck plans is Home & Landscape Design Punch! Software

Tom and the homeowners used a Toro Dingo compact skid-steer loader with an 18-inch diameter auger to dig the holes for the footings. It is manufactured by The Toro Company

The Toro Dingo is available for rent at many locations nationwide, including Richey & Clapper, Inc.

Original Air Date: Oct 4, 2020 Season 19; Ep.1 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode

Ipe decking, 4x4 posts, and balusters:
Anderson & McQuaid Millwork

Hidden fastening system:
HidFast Deck Fastening System

End-grain sealer:
Anchor Seal

Plastic fasteners:

Design software:
Punch! Software

Skid-steer loader:
The Toro Company

Tool rentals:
Richey & Clapper, Inc.