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The Seaside Victorian Cottage: A Beauty Reborn

A once-forlorn Queen Anne emerges with its spirit restored­—and plenty of 21st-century amenities.

Historic Window Solutions | Seaside Victorian

Builder Jeff Sweenor explains how Marvin’s historically accurate custom windows helped restore the character and charm of the TOH Seaside Victorian Cottage.

Making Progress at the Seaside Victorian Cottage

Season 42 of This Old House features a brand-new project house in Narragansett, Rhode Island. This three-bedroom, one-bathroom Queen Anne Victorian sits on a corner lot, blocks from the beach and is full of beautiful historical detail.

Enhancing a Historic Home with Natural Stone

At the This Old House Season 42 project, the Seaside Victorian Cottage, Mason Mark McCullough shows us how Polycor’s natural stone elements increased curb appeal and brought new life to the backyard. To learn more, visit