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Saratoga Legacy Restored | Interior

Watch as this worn and tattered multi-generational Dutch Colonial in Saratoga Springs, NY, gets its second wind in a turn toward its former glory. You can follow the action 24/7 below.

Saratoga Legacy Restored | Exterior Webcam

Progress and expansion are underway at the Saratoga Springs project house, NY. Evan, a schoolteacher, and his wife, Whitney, want to move back into the house where Evan grew up and begin raising a family. They also want a comfortable suite for his mother, but the house needs substantial upgrades. Scattershot additions will be removed to give way to a single one that includes a new kitchen, mudroom, bedroom, and balcony. Multiple narrow and steep staircases will be removed, and the footprint reconfigured to make way for a single, more useful one. You can follow the action 24/7 below.