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The Best Projects From This Old House TV

Get a sneak peek at the new book out from TOH host Kevin O'Connor, containing hundreds of never-before-seen photos of his favorite house projects

Wise Ways to Preserve an Old House

The crew from This Old House TV teams up with a nonprofit to bring a foreclosed Second Empire into the future

Sneak Peek: The Roxbury House

The 2010 This Old House TV project follows a foreclosed Second Empire two-family being renovated by a non-profit housing group

Roxbury House Project: Before

This Old House teams up with a non-profite to renovate a foreclosed 1870s Second Empire for two deserving families. Here's a look at the house before its remodel

The Roxbury House

For its 30th anniversary, TOH works with a nonprofit to renovate a foreclosed Second Empire for two deserving families