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9 Hidden Cat Litter Box Ideas

Whether you want to make a hidden cat litter box out of furniture or create an entryway for your kitty to enter an inconspicuous room, we have a variety of ideas to give him his privacy.

Cat Looking Outside Window Of Home Steven Randazzo

Everyone wants their privacy when it comes to bathrooms—including your cat. And because litter boxes can be unsightly, messy, and create unwanted odors, most cat owners prefer to tuck them out of sight. If you love your feline friend but not his necessary litter pan, here are a few clever DIY litter box creations to hide it from public view.

Hidden Litter Box Ideas

1. Upcycled Cabinet or Dresser

Take an old base cabinet and refinish it to hide that litter box.

  • Use a jigsaw to cut a hole in the side large enough for kitty to pass through and lay a scrap of carpet in the bottom to catch any litter stuck to kitty’s paws.
  • For a finished look, trim the hole with something to match the cabinet’s style.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint, add a new top, and switch out the hardware to bring new life to the piece and match your decor.
  • Use any extra shelf or drawer space to store your litter and screw a small hook on the inside of the door to hang the scoop.
  • To transform an old dresser into a kitty lavatory, remove the bottom drawers.
  • Use the fronts of the drawers to create doors, fixing them back onto the dresser with hinges and latches. This creates the space needed to stash kitty’s box and a way for you to get inside for cleaning.
  • Use your jigsaw to cut an access hole in the side and trim it out. Use the top drawer to store supplies.

2. Inside a Trunk or Bench

Upcycle an old blanket chest or storage bench in the same manner as the cabinet.

  • Simply use a jigsaw to cut an access hole in the side of the piece of furniture and trim with something that matches.
  • Line the bottom with a piece of carpeting to trap any litter stuck to kitty’s paws.
  • To clean, just lift the lid and vacuum.

3. Old Apple Crate

Turn an old apple crate on its side and put your litter box inside it.

  • If it’s sturdy enough, add a piece of granite or marble to the top and use it as a side table in the family room to make it multifunctional.
  • Hang a curtain on a spring rod over the open side of the table for privacy.

4. Under the Sink

If you don’t need the storage space, keep your cat box out of view in the bathroom by placing it in the vanity.

  • Remove the doors and replace them with a curtain.
  • For a wall-mounted sink, simply hang a curtain around the sink using self-stick hook-and-loop tape.
  • Stash the litter box behind it on the floor.
  • Run the bathroom’s exhaust fan to suck out odors.

5. In the Linen Closet

With minimal DIY skills, you can install a pet door virtually anywhere, including in another door.

  • Create a pet portal in the door of a closet and place the litter box on the closet’s floor—kitty has his or her own personal bathroom.
  • Use the bottom shelf to store supplies.

6. Easy Garage or Back Porch Access

You can keep a litter box in the garage or on the back porch without having to let kitty out to use it.

  • First, build a cabinet or pen against the wall adjacent to your kitchen or mudroom to hold the litter box.
  • Make it something the cat can’t get out of, but humans can open to clean.
  • Then, install a pet door in the adjacent wall for your cat to go through when the time is right.

7. Transform a Filing Cabinet

For an office cat, cut an access hole in the front of the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet.

  • For a wooden cabinet, trim the hole as you would any piece of furniture. For a metal cabinet, make sure to use a metal blade in your jigsaw and trim the hole with something like foam or rubber to protect kitty from the sharp edges.
  • Place the cat pan in the drawer and close.

8. Bottom of a Bookshelf

Another idea for the office, den, or library cat?

  • Fabricate a cover with an access hole of an open bottom shelf of a wall unit.
  • Hinge the cover to lift up so you can get in to replace the litter and clean.

9. Budget-Friendly Temporary Solution

  • Whether you’re traveling, in temporary housing, or on a budget, a simple hidden cat litter box can be fashioned by cutting a hole in the side of a lidded, plastic storage bin. Put the pan in the bottom of the bin. To access for cleaning, simply remove the lid.