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Clever Breakfast Bar Ideas

Spice up your dining experience with these ingenious ways to add and use a breakfast bar in your kitchen.

Low-Light Plants Great for Any Home

Want to bring life into your space? If lighting is an issue, these indoor low-light plants are best.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Here are 12 ways to make your space appear larger and more organized.

9 Basement Ceiling Ideas

Creating a beautiful space in your basement poses certain challenges. One is the ceiling. Wondering what to do with the maze of pipes, wires, and ductwork overhead? No worries. Here are a few creative ways to dress up your basement ceiling.

Hot Tub Installation 101

Backyard hot tubs help soak away stress and provides relief for muscle aches and joint pain. Before you set up your little oasis, here are a few things to note.

How to Install Carpet Tiles

Read these step-by-step instructions on how to install carpet tiles on your home floor.

How to Drill Through Glass

Learn how to safely drill a hole in glass without chipping, cracking, or shattering it to pieces.

Easy Fixes for Drafty Windows and Doors

Read these 8 things you can do yourself to keep warm inside your home.

How to Rekey a Lock

To improve your home’s security, you’ll want to change your locks or rekey them. Learn the best time to do either, and how to rekey a lock.

11 Types of Hinges You Should Know

Read this DIY guide to hinges, their design, style, and purpose.