Mice are notorious for infesting homes, especially when outside temperatures drop during fall and winter. A full-service professional visit, which usually includes an inspection, treatment, and exclusion—that is, preventing mice from returning—ranges from $200–$600. However, an especially large or troublesome rodent infestation might cost more than $1,000 to treat.* Pest control companies also offer general treatment plans for mice and other common pests. Based on our research, an annual plan that includes monthly or semimonthly treatments costs $100–$250 for the initial visit and $50–$150 for each follow-up treatment.**

*All cost data in this article was sourced from HomeAdvisor unless otherwise specified.

**One-time treatment costs were sourced from online quotes we requested from Terminix. This cost is for general pest treatment and does not include rodent exclusion fees.

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Factors That Affect Mice Extermination Pricing

Here are the primary factors that determine mice extermination pricing:

  • Infestation size: A large mice infestation requires more intensive pest control treatments. Pricing for controlling a small mice infestation typically starts at around $200; a severe infestation may cost as much as $600 to treat. You should also expect rodent exclusion services to require more time and labor for a severe infestation. Rodent exclusion is the process of sealing mouse entry points throughout your home.
  • Infestation location: If the mice have nested in your yard, shed, or other occupied room of the house, the cost to remove them will be lower. However, nests in hard-to-reach places like ceilings, attics, basements, and foundations will typically be pricier to remove.
  • Use of live traps: Despite being reusable, live traps cost five to 10 times more than traditional snap traps. This may be reflected in your service cost. Live trapping may also include travel fees for relocating the mice.

DIY Mouse Removal

If you notice occasional mice activity in your home but see little evidence of a larger infestation, DIY mouse removal may be a good option. You can purchase traps or poison baits from many popular retailers, such as Lowes, Walmart, or The Home Depot.

The table below compares several types of DIY mice control options, their respective costs, and what to expect when using them:

Type of TrapHow It WorksPrice*Effectiveness and ExperienceHumaneness
Snap trapsWith this type of trap, a metal bar breaks a mouse’s neck$2.48 (pack of four traps)Effective for small infestations and reusable but sometimes result in a messy cleanupKills mice quickly and is considered one of the more humane options
Glue trapsThis type of trap keeps a mouse in place until it starves or becomes dehydrated$4.98 (pack of four traps)Disposable design that is effective for small infestationsKills mice slowly and is considered inhumane by many
Live trapsThese traps capture live mice for later release$14.20 (pack of two traps)Effective but requires frequent monitoring and traveling a short distance to release the live miceIs a humane, non-lethal pest control option
Bait stationsThese traps poison mice$12.98 (one trap with 20 bait refills)Highly effective but a potential safety hazard for pets that find the poison or consume the poisoned miceIs among the more inhumane options, killing mice slowly by preventing their blood from clotting
Electronic trapsThese traps electrocute mice$24.98 (one trap)Effective for small infestations and kill mice quicklyHas disputed humaneness, killing mice quickly but not without pain

*Pricing sourced from Lowes and Home Depot

Hiring an Exterminator

DIY pest control can be effective, but hiring a professional exterminator is the most reliable way to manage your mouse infestation. Nearly 50% of respondents from our 2022 consumer survey said they went on to hire an exterminator after trying DIY methods.

Using an Exterminator

Consider contacting a pest control company when DIY methods have fallen short of resolving your mouse problem. If you have a severe infestation from the outset, you should contact an exterminator as a first course of action. Professional exterminators have undergone training in the safe handling of pesticides and are knowledgeable about identifying mouse entry points in a home.

This is what the process looks like for most professional exterminators:

  1. After contacting a pest control professional, the company will send a specialist to your home to evaluate the nature and scope of the infestation.
  2. Your pest control professional will advise you on their recommended treatments. This may include trapping, baiting, and applying repellents. They may also recommend rodent exclusion services to seal entryways and prevent recurring infestations.
  3. The exterminator will perform the pest control services on the scheduled date. If you signed up for an ongoing pest control plan, your home will receive follow-up treatments several times throughout the year.

Below, we’ve listed the cities most affected by mouse infestations. Click on your city for a roundup of the top pest control providers available in the area.

Questions To Ask a Mice Exterminator

Pest extermination can protect your home and provide peace of mind when performed properly. But with the application of pesticides, there are inherent risks to your home and health. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable professional. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a rodent control service:

Is your company licensed and insured?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has enacted strict certification requirements that pest control professionals must meet to operate legally. Individual states may impose additional requirements that can typically be found through each state’s Department of Agriculture website. 

How much experience do your technicians have with removing mice?

Training and experience with treating specific pests speaks volumes about a pest control professional’s ability to do the job right. We recommend asking the company about its level of experience with mice extermination before signing a contract.

Will you provide a written estimate? Do you honor your estimates?

A written estimate provides a full breakdown of the charges to expect for your pest control service. Read the estimate carefully and ask questions about any fine print to ensure the initial estimate will not change on the day of your service. 

Can you identify the location of the mouse infestation?

Exclusion is an important part of a comprehensive rodent extermination service. Your pest control technician should identify the location of the mouse infestation and provide a strategy for blocking the mice from reentering the home.

Are the products or traps that you use safe for pets and/or children?

Any reputable pest control provider should prioritize the safety of its customers. Ask about the risks associated with the proposed pest management plan and what precautions your provider will take to keep you and your family protected.

Do you offer a service guarantee? If so, how long does it last?

Many reputable pest control providers back their services with satisfaction guarantees. This may include a full refund for unsatisfactory service or free reservice for recurring infestations.  

Our Conclusion

Professional mouse extermination will generally cost between $200 and $600. Your final pricing will depend on factors such as the infestation severity, recommended treatments, and accessibility of infested areas in your home.

We created a review methodology to identify the nation’s best exterminators. Terminix is our top pick for its reliable pest control and around-the-clock customer support. Orkin is another excellent choice, with many locations offering same-day service.

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Our Rating Methodology

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