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Many viewers have asked if their vinyl siding can be painted over, and Paint expert Mauro Henrique is happy to answer “Yes, it can!” In fact, vinyl siding can paint really well.

In this video, Mauro demonstrates how to do to prep and paint vinyl siding. He also shares some helpful information about choosing your paint. useful techniques, and the tools he uses.

Before You Begin:

  • The most important part of painting vinyl is making sure it is very clean. You can clean it two ways: pressure wash prior to painting or scrub clean and rinse off.
  • Only start the process when the weather forecast is looking good for the next few days. The paint needs near-perfect weather conditions in order to adhere to the vinyl properly.

Steps for Painting Vinyl Siding:

  1. To cover the main surface area, Mauro’s first choice to paint is a paint sprayer. If you don’t have one on hand, use a small, foam roller.
  2. Go over the edges using a flat paintbrush to ensure full coverage.
  3. When the first coat is done, wait about four hours. Then, put on the next coat.

How to Choose Paint for Vinyl Siding

  • If the vinyl is in relatively good condition, you do not need a primer.
  • Acrylic exterior paint is a better option than latex paint.
  • Note: Some paint manufacturers sell specific “Vinyl Safe” paint that you can consider using.
  • Note: Darker colors will fade more rapidly and very dark colors on the sunniest side of the house pose the risk of warping.


Mauro painted the vinyl siding with Regal Select Acrylic Exterior Paint in the color “North Shore Green”, which is manufactured by Benjamin Moore.

To apply the paint, Mauro used a combination of a 3” flat paintbrush and a mini foam roller, which can both be found at home centers.