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Brilliant Interior Paint Color Schemes

Color can be used as a surprising counterpoint or it can vividly reinforce a building's design. Challenge your ideas of color.

Sun-Bleached Blue and White

Photo by Richard Leo Johnson

Have you ever been in a beach house bound and determined to look like a very nice suburban St. Louis house? It's better to go with the flow.


Photo by Eric Piasecki

There are those of us who feel it's never too warm in the kitchen. And for us, there is this kitchen.

Cocoa Naturale

Photo by Karin Melvin

Color is about proportion, too. Paint the whole dining room this color and you'll be jonesing for M&Ms before the walls dry. But as it's applied here, the cocoa coloring points more to its surroundings than itself.

Crisp and Clean Tealy Green

Photo by Karin Melvin

Woodland themes can be taken too far, but not here.

Teal, Black, and Fire-Engine

Photo by Karin Melvin

Here's a playful combination of colors.

Chocolate Mint

Photo by Karin Melvin

Don't be afraid to play one color off another. Keep them in the same tonal range and you'll get energy, not conflict.

Sea-Foam Green

Green is calming and, of course, red wants to liven things up. So you have this kitchen tucked into two interior walls comfortably balanced between complacency and hellzapoppin' activity.

Classic Tub

This white cast-iron tub is the best place from which to enjoy the outdoor view from the large bathroom windows.