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In this video, see how to rinse a brush with the correct solvent, clean the bristles, and store it right.

TIP 1: For latex, rinse the brush in hot water, using your hand to work the paint through the bristles. Push the brush against the base of the sink and run water through it until the water runs clear. To clean oil-based paint, dip the brush in a small container of solvent, swishing it from side to side and using the edges of the bucket to push the paint out of the bristles. Refresh the solvent for a final rinse.

TIP 2: Use a comb, not a wire brush, to carefully remove excess paint from between the bristles without damaging them. Use a scrub pad to wipe the outside of the bristles and ferrule to remove dried paint.

TIP 3: Dry the brush by spinning it or knocking it. Re-form the bristles into the original brush shape with your hand, then place the brush back in its keeper or in folded newspaper so that it holds its form as it dries.

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