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In this video, learn the right way to load a roller and use it without leaving streaks and bumps.

TIP 1: Remove lint from a new roller cover with painter's tape or a vacuum, and roll it into the paint tray until it's half coated. Roll the cover up onto the grooves, then back into the paint. Do this a couple of times until the entire cover is saturated but not overloaded; that way, it won't spatter or cause drips.

TIP 2: Roll the wall in a W or N pattern to coat the surface in wide sections. Work along a wet edge that's been cut in, and get as close to the trim as possible to avoid leaving a ribbon of brush marks around the edges of the wall.

TIP 3: Use moderate pressure on the roller. Too much pressure causes a bead, or “rope,” along the edge, while too little pressure can make your arm tired. At the end of each stroke, lightly lift the roller away from the wall to avoid creating a distinct edge.

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