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Alter the style of a room in a day—all it takes is an off-the-shelf stamp. Here, a field of lilac took on the appearance of a high-end wall covering, thanks to the addition of stamped-on silvery medallions.

Start with a wall canvas of flat latex paint in a color that will contrast with the shimmery pattern but not so much that a stray blip will stand out. Then choose a stamp; these medallions were made with the 4-inch Funky Stamp (about $20;

Step 1

Gather Your Materials

Photo by Graeme Ainscough/IPC Images

To get started, gather your stamp; an acrylic craft paint, such as Folk-Art's Metallic Silver; a dense foam mini roller; and a plate with a flat center.

Step 2

Prep the Roller

Photo by Graeme Ainscough/IPC Images

Pour paint on the plate and load the roller.

Step 3

Paint the Stamp

Photo by Graeme Ainscough/IPC Images

Roll on the paint evenly across the stamp. Before tackling the wall, practice on paper or posterboard. "Tape it on the wall and practice stamping standing up," says Jo Pearson, manager of creative services for Michaels Arts and Crafts. The Funky Stamp, with its slightly curved base, calls for a firm rolling motion.

Step 4

Start Stamping

Photo by Graeme Ainscough/IPC Images

To avoid rigid rows while creating an evenly spaced pattern on the wall, tie a pencil to a string and knot the end; the one used for this design was about 12 inches from the pencil. Place the knot at the center of your first medallion and mark the next center with the pencil, and so on. Let the medallions bump up against windows, corners, and doors.

The payoff? "Stamping gives a room a personal look," says Pearson. "And it's a whole lot quicker than putting up wallpaper."