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Masking off an uneven, porous surface—like this wood accent wall—is no easy feat. That’s one reason we were intrigued by Peel-Tek 150. The green goo can be brushed on to any nonfibrous household surface that needs temporary protection from wet paint: Think stucco, stone, wood, or tile; skip carpet, fabric, and wallpaper. Peel-Tek needs to cure before you can paint over it; depending on the project, this may take less than half an hour or overnight (it should leave your surface clean, but we recommend a spot test first). It seeped right into both the shallow cracks and deep beveled grooves in the wood wall here. And after our paint dried, with a gentle tug the Peel-Tek came off in one clean sweep—taking the paint that missed the drywall along with it.

Peel-Tek 150, $20 for 1 quart.