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Headboards may be traditional, but there are other ways to complement a cozy-looking bed. Here, a broad band of spring green grounds the sleep zone, topped by a field of soft beige and capped by an ethereal off-white.

Inspiration for the scheme came from the furnishings—organic linens, tree-stump tables, and a sisal rug. “These elements, working together with linen white and organic green, have a fresh and natural vibe,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

It’s an easy project to pull off. Start by painting the walls and ceiling (here, Sherwin-Williams’s Natural Linen and Downy, respectively). Then measure and mark off the wall at wainscot height—about a third of the way up—using a level, a yardstick, and a pencil. Put down painter’s tape above the pencil marks, burnishing the edge with a credit card or a plastic putty knife, and roll on the dominant shade (here, Sherwin-Williams’s Lime Rickey).

Go for a satin or an eggshell finish to give the colors a bit of sheen and make the “headboard” easy to clean. Then fluff the pillows and climb right in.