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Greener Ways to Melt Winter Ice

Icy conditions can pose a huge risk to your safety, making it important to be prepared to take on such dangers during the year’s cold months. Read our easy and chemical-free ways to deal with ice this winter.

Modern Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Looking to give your bathroom a modern makeover? Start with the faucet! Here are some design-savvy ideas to make your bathroom modern and sleek.

It’s Time to Wash Your Pillows

Cleaning pillows at home is quite easy; it’s basically like doing a standard load of laundry, just make sure to wash two at a time to keep the machine balanced. The following instructions for how to wash your pillows are for washing natural fiber (down) or synthetic pillows.

How to Choose the Right Area Rug Size

Area rugs set the precedent for both the zone and tone within a space, meaning, these mats define design boundaries and aesthetic. When deciding on rug sizes, there are two options to consider: either a rug large enough to contain all the furniture on it or a rug that furniture is partially on. Read on to learn more about choosing a rug size for each room.

Wall Colors to Help You Sleep Better

Need a better night’s sleep? Consider painting your bedroom walls one of these colors that help promote better slumber.

Cheap (or Free) Online DIY Classes

Looking to expand your skills? A digestible online course will help. From refinishing furniture to learning sewing machine basics, see our list of recommended online courses to help expand your DIY skillset.