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Photo by Mark Weiss

It's white, gray — occasionally a dazzling shade of, well, beige. But now, caulk — like Skittles —is available in all the colors of the rainbow for coordinating with paint, tiles, and countertops. Red Devil's Create-a-Color Caulk Coloring System lets you inject any hue of latex paint into a tube of its caulk. Just pop the cap out of the back of the tube, squeeze paint into the well with the syringe provided, and screw on Red Devil's plunger. Then pump away until the color is mixed. Sounds complicated, but it's as easy as those multicolored snakes your kid makes with his Play-Doh Fun Factory. If you're still daunted, Dap — which owns Phenoseal caulks — will do the mixing for you. Just send them a paint chip, and in about three weeks the company will deliver your customized caulk.