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Sneak Preview of the Newton Generation NEXT House

This Old House host Kevin O’Connor takes you on an in-progress tour of the house via Facebook LIVE

August 3, 2017

Our Newton Generation NEXT House is about halfway done, with the front siding off and the porch rebuilt, largely thanks to the apprentices. The 1879 four-square will be finished in the fall, but apprentices Austin, Bailey, and Nathan have to head out at the end of the summer. After the tour of the house, Kevin caught up with them and the TOH crew, and these are our favorite moments from that Facebook live:

The House: The beautiful colored blueprints at 1:50 show off a bigger kitchen as part of the 200-300 extra square feet that the TOH crew will add to this house. You can start watching the tour at 3:40, where it begins at the fireplace—or is that a Starbucks bar?

The Family: At 6:30 you’ll learn about the huge and breakable work-around that the crew has had to keep safe throughout the whole project. You’ll hear more about the family’s multi-generational ties to this home at 8:10.

The Apprentices: These interviews start at 12:00 with Bailey. You can learn about Austin’s wild flight schedule (14:25), and that time that Nathan’s dad was actually on the show (18:50)! They’ll tell you more about what they’ve been up to, and just how much this opportunity has solidified their future plans.

The Guys: Kevin relishes in realizing that “this is the only time I can tell ‘em what to do” as he calls the guys over from the barbecue (20:50). During their chat, you’ll hear about who’s grandfather worked on the Empire State Building, who’s having a wardrobe mishap, and what two guys our audience thinks should run for office! They also speak to some cool experiences they’ve had in the past and with the apprentices.