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Butcher-Block Island Top Install at the TOH Newton Centre Project House

Master carpenter Norm Abram welcomes back wood countertop fabricator Paul Grothouse to install the butcher-block island top and to review other wood top options


Teak Touches for the Kitchen at the TOH Newton Centre House

Countertop fabricator Paul Grothouse arrives from Pennsylvania to install the end-grain teak island top and its companion piece, a custom teak farmhouse table, for the breakfast area

Newton Centre

The renovation of a 1915 Dutch Colonial Revival will kick off This Old House TV's 30th Anniversary season this fall. The house is in Newton Centre, a suburban community a few miles west of Boston.

How to Keep Renovation Costs Down

Get the right rooms for your reno without blowing the budget

A Small Remodel to Create All the Right Rooms

At TOH TV's latest project house, minor floor plan tweaks and a modest addition gave a family of four new places to gather, play, and spend quiet time.

The Newton Centre House: Before

The 30th anniversary season of This Old House starts with a Dutch Colonial Revival house that's getting big changes from a small addition. Check out what the house looked like before construction began.