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Sneak Peek: The New York City House

This Old House TV heads to the land of egg creams, stickball, and brownstones for a rowhouse remodel in New York City's borough of Brooklyn

Homeowners Kevin Costello and Karen Shen fulfilled a lifelong dream with their recent purchase of a 1904 Renaissance Revival brownstone in the historic Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn. In order to make this dream a reality, they had to come up with an affordable plan to defray mortgage costs. The solution was to turn part of the brownstone into rental units. Once the renovation is complete, the owners plan to rent both the garden and third floor levels, leaving the middle two floors as living space for themselves and their three young children. As the family grows, they hope to one day afford to reclaim the third floor for their private use.

Popular Home Improvement Series Adds Design Correspondent to Team of ExpertsThe This Old House New York City project also marks the official debut of the newest member of the team, design correspondent . With more than 20 years of design experience, Carole brings to the series her trademark style of creating interiors that are sophisticated yet comfortable, architecturally appropriate and elegantly understated.

Tune in to welcome Carole to the team and see how the brownstone is transformed from a former rooming house into a three-family home.

The This Old House New York City project premieres nationally on PBS beginning Thursday, January 22, 2009. (Check our TV Schedule or your local listings for dates and times.)