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One of the most important living areas at the Narragansett Idea House in Narragansett, RI, is in the backyard, where a sizable courtyard is taking shape.

Tradesmen are installing Unilock concrete pavers according to the landscape design plan by Jon Zeyl, of Landscape Creations of Rhode Island. The plan calls for a circular fire-pit area in a herringbone pattern, surrounded by square and rectangular areas for outdoor seating near the screened porch and dining between the outdoor kitchen and plunge pool.

“The idea was to not just create one huge rectangle,” says Zeyl. “We wanted welcoming spaces, logically broken up by geometry, that would make people want to use this area.” An advantage to using the Unilock pavers, he adds, is that their size, depth, and thickness are more consistent than natural stone, which contributes to ease of installation.

“We created definition among the areas by choosing different types and colors of pavers, but they are all a standard size,” he says.