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The tiny house movement has gotten lots of attention in recent years, but there’s a tiny pool movement, too, and the 2018 Idea House in Narragansett, RI, will have one of these appealing features.

Called plunge pools, these items are typically personal-sized and have been a feature at luxury spas and villas for years. Now they are moving into backyards. With plunge pools, the idea is simply to lounge, not do laps, and the water temperature can be adjusted to be cool in summer and warm in autumn or spring.

At the Idea House, a 7x13-foot rectangular pre-cast concrete plunge pool was lowered into place recently. It’s 5 feet deep with a tiled interior, and when it’s finished, it will have a stone surround and ledge. It’s sure to become one of the highlights of the staycation-oriented rear courtyard, where plans also call for an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower, and a fire pit.