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Lexington Project: Second Floor Design Tour with Jared Sherman Epps

Interior Designer Jared Sherman Epps gives a tour of the second floor, featuring 3 unique bedrooms for 3 unique girls

Lexington Colonial

As the 35th anniversary season of This Old House TV continues, general contractor Tom Silva and the crew will renovate the youngest house ever featured on the show: a 1966 Garrison Colonial, in Lexington, Massachusetts.

The Lexington Colonial House: Bridging the Exterior Design Gap

As a young Colonial gets additional space for TOH TV, it also receives a face-lift that feels both contemporary and true to its roots

The Lexington Colonial Before and After: Space for the Whole Family

A young Colonial gets a knockout kitchen with views of the house's best feature—the backyard—with help from the This Old House TV crew

The Lexington Colonial House: Before

For the 35th anniversary season, the This Old House TV crew is tackling its youngest house yet: a 1966 Garrison Colonial in the Boston suburb of Lexington