TruGreen, a national lawn care company, offers high-quality equipment, a convenient mobile app, various plans, and decades of experience. The This Old House Reviews Team spent over 100 hours researching the best lawn care service providers and named TruGreen as the top choice based on plan options, technician training, company availability, and more. Read on to see if TruGreen is the right company for your lawn care needs.



TruGreen vs. the Competition

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Lawn Love
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Weed Man
Best Pest Control Services
Best Natural Lawn Care
Lawn Doctor
Best Guarantee
Most Comprehensive Service
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Superlative Best Lawn Care Company
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Superlative Best DIY Lawn Care
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Lawn Love
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Superlative Best for Customization
Treat My Lawn
Weed Man
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Superlative Best Pest Control Services
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Logo Lawnbright
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Superlative Best Natural Lawn Care
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Lawn Doctor
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Our Take on TruGreen

Overall, we give TruGreen a score of 97 out of 100, making it the best lawn care company in the industry. With five lawn care programs and availability in 48 states, TruGreen offers customers flexibility. However, service and quality may fluctuate depending on location.

Pros Natural fertilizer and weed control available Mobile app and online chat for user-friendly customer service Offers pest control services for mosquitoes, grubs, and other outdoor insects
Cons Customers complain about inexperienced technicians Local branches may offer slightly different services than what is listed on the company website
Lime Soil Amendment

To ensure the soil has access to nutrients, soil amendment services can help balance its pH.

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Weed Control

Find a specialized lawn care plan to help control weeds

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Lawn Fertilization

See a deeper green grass coloring and increased growth within 7 to 10 days

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TruGreen Plans and Services

TruGreen Lawn Care offers a wide variety of plans, each tailored to different homeowners’ needs. The company centers on three major annual programs: its TruHealth℠ Lawn Care Plan, TruComplete℠ Lawn Care Plan, and TruSignature℠ Lawn Care Plan. You can find the plan breakdowns below:

Compare Services by Plan Type


TruHealth Lawn Care Plan

TruComplete Lawn Care Plan

TruSignature Lawn Care Plan


Lime soil amendment

Pre-emergent and targeted weed control



Tree and shrub services

*The TruComplete Lawn Care Plan and TruSignature Lawn Plan only offer overseeding for fescue lawns.

TruGreen also offers a basic annual TruMaintenance℠ Lawn Care Plan, which covers fertilization and pre-emergent and targeted weed killer. Its final annual program, the TruNatural Lawn Care Plan, is a good fit for any homeowner interested in going green. With the TruNatural plan, specialists use natural fertilizer. You can add weed control to your TruNatural plan at no extra cost.

TruGreen also provides some a la carte services:

  • Soil Amendment & Analysis
  • Lawn Fertilization Service
  • Tick & Flea Control
  • Grub Control & Prevention
  • Mosquito Control & Defense Treatment

All of TruGreen’s services are scientifically backed and performed by TruExpert Certified Specialists. Each specialist must pass the TruExpert Lawn Certification Program, an intensive 10-day course that covers topics like horticulture, agronomics, and safety. At the end of the program, TruGreen pairs each new specialist up with a mentor.

When you start your service, your lawn maintenance specialist will perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis to determine your lawn’s needs. Then, they’ll leave a service summary at your door and offer suggestions and tips for lawn care between TruGreen service visits.

Over the course of one year, TruGreen will visit your lawn every four to six weeks on a regular schedule. All services are backed by the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee for full-program customers. With that promise, highly trained TruGreen lawn care specialists will return to your lawn as many times as needed between treatments to make sure treatments are effective.



TruGreen Pricing

Like most lawn care companies, TruGreen doesn’t list the cost of its specific services online. Generally, the cost of lawn care services varies based on several factors:

  • The size of your lawn: A larger lawn will require more products and labor, increasing your price.
  • The condition of your lawn when services begin: A well-maintained lawn will require fewer initial treatments, so the overall cost will be less.
  • The area you live in: Services in some parts of the country may be more expensive than in other regions.
  • The services you choose: Some plans cost more than others, and a la carte services will add to the overall cost.

A roughly quarter-acre lawn in the South would cost:

  • TruComplete Lawn Care Plan: $1,100
  • TruHealth Lawn Care Plan: $730
  • TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan: $700
  • Tree and Shrub Plan: $500
  • Mosquito Defense Plan: $600

However, TruGreen offers customized quotes both online if you fill out this free form and by phone if you call 1-866-817-2287.

TruGreen Quote Process

To receive a quote from TruGreen, you can either sign up online to receive a call from a representative or call the company directly using the links in this article.

When speaking with a representative, you will be asked for the following details:

  • Your address, in order for the representative to analyze your lawn’s shape and size through online maps
  • Your phone number
  • If any previous treatments have been applied to your lawn
  • Any current issues you’re having with your lawn
  • Any pests that are affecting your lawn’s quality
  • Which plan you are interested in—the representative will walk you through your options if you are unsure what you need
  • If you are interested in preventative care treatments for your lawn, such as a winterizer

Once the representative has received this information, they can give you a price for the package you’d like and explain how often technicians will visit to maintain your lawn. They will also mention applicable promotions or discounts that can be applied to your final price. If you decide to purchase a plan, they will ask for a credit card number to sign up.

A quote call will typically take between 6 and 20 minutes and is often shorter for customers who have already chosen a plan.



TruGreen State Availability

The lawn care provider has broad national availability, servicing every state except for Alaska and Hawaii.

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TruGreen Reviews

TruGreen is one of the most prominent lawn care providers nationwide and holds an A+* rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While the company enjoys widespread availability, its level of service may fluctuate depending on the location.

Read what some TruGreen customers had to say about their experiences in the reviews below:

“I have had a great experience with TruGreen. Everyone from the people who answer the phones to the technicians have been very helpful and polite. When I call with a problem, they are eager to do what needs to be done and respond quickly…My lawn is really looking good and I recommend TruGreen for lawn service.” — Dorothy R.

“Was told last Fall my lawn is thick and lush , had Tru Green several years now, in Brunswick, very thorough with Treatments, Always on schedule.” Dottie R.

“I called TruGreen to set up service but declined at the last minute because they werent offering the service I need. Yesterday a guy came out while I was gone to do service I never asked for. They also charged me for the service. When I called to cancel and get an explanation they instantly put me on hold. I had to call several times until somebody picked up the phone.” — Kenneth T.

We have also received feedback from the reader below who have signed up for TruGreen’s services.

Started service mid-May and having issues getting PH levels. Lawn has more weeds now than when service first started. Misinformation, poor communication, poor response, and more. ”— Linda P.

*BBB rating is accurate as of May 2023.



Our Conclusion

TruGreen Lawn Care earned top marks for its wide range of plans and locations, making it a solid option for homeowners almost anywhere in the country. The lawn care provider offers customers a large degree of flexibility and is one of the most experienced nationwide lawn care companies.

We have received feedback from multiple readers indicating varying quality in service depending on the location. However, with TruGreen’s specialist training program, Healthy Lawn Guarantee, and mobile app, the company has shown a commitment to customer service.

If you’d prefer a DIY approach to lawn care, Sunday is a newcomer with user-friendly boxes of lawn treatments shipped straight to your door. This cost-efficient, hands-on option appeals to many new homeowners or those who like to take a more active approach to lawn care.



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Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our lawn recommendations with a detailed rating methodology that we use to objectively score each provider. We review lawn care plans and packages, navigate the provider website and speak with customer service representatives, request quotes, and analyze customer reviews for each provider. We then score the provider against our review standards for plan options, additional benefits and customizability, availability, trustworthiness, and customer service to arrive at a final score out of 100.

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