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Sunday Lawn Care Review (2024)

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Sunday lawn care review

Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 06/28/2024

For homeowners seeking personalized lawn care and landscaping recommendations and products, Sunday is an excellent choice. The company assesses each lawn’s needs before shipping lawn care products straight to the customer’s door.

We evaluated top lawn care companies on metrics such as plans and services offered, state availability, and customer service, to help you determine the best lawn care company to fit your needs.

Key Takeaways

Sunday Lawn Care is our top pick for homeowners looking for top of the line DIY products at a reasonable cost.
A Sunday lawn care starts at $112 and can go up to around $450. Total costs will vary depending on the size of your lawn and the amount of products required.
Sunday has an A+ rating* from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with reviews boasting of quick results and successful weed elimination.
Lime Soil Amendment

To ensure the soil has access to nutrients, soil amendment services can help balance its pH.

Weed Control

Find a specialized lawn care plan to help control weeds

Lawn Fertilization

See a deeper green grass coloring and increased growth within 7 to 10 days


What’s Our Review of Sunday Lawn Care?

After our review, we named Sunday the “Best for DIY Lawn Care.” Sunday may not offer professional lawn care services, but its subscription packages and stand-alone products are solid options for homeowners who enjoy maintaining their own property. The company claims to focus on formulating its products with safer and more environmentally sustainable ingredients, avoiding many of the toxic pesticides and herbicides commonly found in the lawn care space.

Plan Options
4.1 / 5
4.1 / 5
State Availability
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
Customer Service
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Additional Benefits
4 / 5
4 / 5

What Are The Pros and Cons of Sunday Lawn Care?

Offers options for pest control, weed control, lawn seed, and lawn fertilization
Avoids harsh and toxic chemicals in its products, relying on natural ingredients such as seaweed, molasses, and iron
Tailors nutrient packs to the climate of your area
Doesn’t offer pre-emergent weed control products
Auto-renews its subscription plans annually if not canceled in advance, possibly resulting in surprise billing

What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription service that offers non-toxic, do-it-yourself lawn care products. It was founded by Coulter Lewis in 2019 to provide an alternative to chemically harsh and toxic lawn care treatments that can negatively impact people and pets. Sunday sends you lawn care packages tailored to your turf needs that can be easily applied with a hose. 

Sunday has recently begun selling other products and services, including options for weed and pest control, lawn aeration, and overseeding. It now has a service operation—trained Sunday lawn care technicians will come to your home and do the work for you. 

How Does Sunday Lawn Care Work?

When you first sign up for Sunday Lawn Care, you’ll send in a soil sample. Sunday will use this sample, along with local grass growth models and climate information, to create a tailor-made nutrient solution for your lawn. 

Annual lawn care packages contain eight treatments that you apply over the course of the year. Inside the shipment is an application timeline, a hose attachment for nutrient applications, and directions on how to use the products.

Applying Sunday’s products is easy and convenient. Your Smart Lawn Care package will include a sprayer, straw, and nutrient pack. Insert the straw into the sprayer, then attach the nutrient pack. Fasten the sprayer to your hose, turn your spigot, and begin spraying. Evenly apply the solution until your packet is empty. 

What Plans and Services Does Sunday Lawn Care Offer?

To start, enter your home address on Sunday’s secure site. Sunday creates and sends a free, immediate analysis of the soil, the condition of your lawn, and the climate where you live. This smart lawn plan will determine which products you need. The company will send a soil test kit inside your first subscription box for you to return with a soil sample, so Sunday can offer tailored lawn care products.

What Are Sunday Lawn Care Plans?

Tailoring plans to your geographic and climatic data, Sunday provides several options for lawns anywhere in the United States. After you answer a few questions about your lawn care habits and needs, the smart lawn system will give you the option of purchasing one of the four following lawn care subscriptions.

Basic Plan

Keep & Protect

Grow & Renew

Lawn & Paws

Advertised as a frills-free package, this plan includes the standard soil test and several nutrient pouches with varying fertilization formulas to improve lawn health. The number of nutrient pouches included depends on your yard size (estimated with satellite imagery), soil analysis, and climate data.

This plan includes the basic care package plus post-emergent weed control. 

Including all the items listed in the Keep & Protect plan, this option also ships with nutrient pouches or grass seed, depending on your location and lawn size.

The final plan features everything that’s included in the Keep & Protect plan, with the addition of pet-centered offerings (products depend on your location).

Lawn care plans typically include one to four shipments per growing season.

How Much Does Sunday Lawn Care Cost?

A Sunday subscription starts at $112 and can go up to roughly $450. Total costs will vary depending on the size of your lawn and the amount of products required.

We like that Sunday’s prices are clear and upfront. Unlike many lawn service companies, which often require obtaining an inspection and a free quote, its product pricing is clearly listed on Sunday’s website. Custom plans are tailored to your lawn’s size, but the standard plan starts at $112. 

Review the following table for the low cost of some of Sunday’s popular products and services:

Product or ServiceCost
Bermudagrass Seeding Kit$93
Pet Starter Kit$95.40
Total Home Ant Control $46.80
Sunday Lawn Care Service Plan $79–$129
Lawn Aeration$79–$165
Veggie and Flower Garden Kit$51.30
Home and Yard Pest Control Kit $159

What Products Does Sunday Lawn Care Offer?

Sunday also sells numerous standalone lawn and garden products.

What Are Sunday Nutrient Packets?

Natural ingredients such as seaweed extract, humic acid, and recycled grocery produce provide a foundation for fertile soil. The nutrient pouches are designed to connect to your garden hose and be sprayed across your lawn for healthy grass. Sunday sells the following nutrient packets:

  • Summer Heat & Drought Defense Kit: Supports grass growth and helps prepare lawn for peak heat
  • Iron Booster: Includes nitrogen and reusable hose-end sprayer
  • Grass Powerhouse: Features seaweed kelp abstract, made for growing deep-green, lush lawns
  • Potassium Boost Liquid Fertilizer: Includes a potassium and seaweed blend for increased water and heat management
  • Lawn Strong Liquid Fertilizer: Features nitrogen, molasses, and iron for rapid growth and increased vibrancy

What Additional Products Does Sunday Offer?

Sunday product add-ons include Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom. The Weed Warrior’s organic formula kills grass, weeds, and moss in 20 minutes, so be careful if you’re using it near your yard. Ideally, Weed Warrior is only used in gardens and on unwanted moss. The Dandelion Doom weed killer is an iron-based formula that kills dandelions and broadleaf weeds.

Sunday also offers bluegrass, Kentucky, Bermudagrass, fescue, and other grass seed blends to fill in bare spots. Pet patch treatments are also available in case your pet is damaging your lawn.

Sunday sells a variety of pest control options, including Mosquito Deleto, Ant Adios, and other outdoor and indoor products. Similar to its smart lawn feature, Sunday can customize a pest control plan for your yard and home. One of the more recent additions to its service lineup is lawn aeration options. 

Are Custom Yard Kits Available Through Sunday Lawn Care?

You can purchase custom lawn plan kits from Sunday Lawn Care, which bundle products tailored to your lawn’s unique needs to help you save. Some of its popular kits include the following.

Start Your Lawn From Scratch Kit

Kentucky’s Best Seed & Weed Kit

Spring Kickstart Kit

Pet Starter Kit

This kit is designed to help you start new lawns. It includes fescue rescue grass seed for resilient, fast-growing, green lawns. It also includes Lawn Starter to help seedlings develop, Lawn Kickstart for greening, and Lawn Aid to protect the grass.

This kit contains lawn nutrients, Dandelion Doom weed control, and Kentucky bluegrass seed.

This kit contains a nutrient mix to prep your lawn for the summer and a preventative weed control herbicide. 

This kit contains a seed mixture designed to withstand pet urine, a nutrient mixture designed to treat brown spots caused by pets, and a spray to help protect your four-legged friends from pests.

How Does Sunday Compare to Its Competition?

Take a look at how Sunday stacks up to other leading providers below:

Star Rating Best For Link
TruGreen TruGreen
Best Lawn Care Company GET ESTIMATE
Sunday Sunday
Lawn Love Lawn Love
Best for Customization GET ESTIMATE
Weed Man Weed Man
Best Pest Control Services GET ESTIMATE
Lawnbright Lawnbright
Best Natural Lawn Care GET ESTIMATE
Lawn Doctor Lawn Doctor
Best Guarantee GET ESTIMATE
SavATree SavATree
Most Comprehensive Service GET ESTIMATE
Logo TruGreen
Star Rating
Best For Best Lawn Care Company
Logo Sunday
Star Rating
Best For Best DIY Lawn Care
Lawn Love
Logo Lawn Love
Star Rating
Best For Best for Customization
Weed Man
Logo Weed Man
Star Rating
Best For Best Pest Control Services
Logo Lawnbright
Star Rating
Best For Best Natural Lawn Care
Lawn Doctor
Logo Lawn Doctor
Star Rating
Best For Best Guarantee
Logo SavATree
Star Rating
Best For Most Comprehensive Service
Star Rating
Best For
Best Lawn Care Company
Best DIY Lawn Care
Best for Customization
Best Pest Control Services
Best Natural Lawn Care
Best Guarantee
Most Comprehensive Service

Where Is Sunday Lawn Care Available?

Though it’s headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, products from Sunday ship to all 50 states across the country. The team at Sunday monitors where products are headed and sends out the first shipment of lawn care products in early spring.

You will receive your package based on where you live, with warmer areas starting their growing seasons earlier in the year. For example, residents in Texas will receive their nutrient package weeks before residents in Maine receive theirs.

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What Are Customer Reviews of Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday has an A+ rating* on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, but it has few customer reviews. The company’s Facebook page includes third-party reviews for a snapshot of common concerns and praises for its lawn treatments. Many positive reviews cited quick results and successful weed elimination, while unhappy customers mentioned difficulty canceling their orders and hard-to-reach customer service. Here’s what customers said:

“My grass looks so good on my camera, and in person. I love that I sent in a soil sample[,] and they were able to customize fertilizer to what nutrients my grass was lacking. I wish I had a before picture. Big improvement!”

— Christene M. via Facebook

“Love that it’s so easy to use. Literally hook it up to the hose and spray. That’s it! Husband loves the results and our lawn is really thriving in the heat!”

– Alice D. via. Influenster.com

“I had a struggling lawn in the hot months of 2020 even with using a single sprinkler regularly. This was a complete sod lawn put down in 2018, so I was invested to take care of it. Anyway, Sunday turned it around pretty quickly. I saw results very fast and it brought my lawn back to where it was when I had originally put down.”

— Mike M. via Facebook

“Bought this product back in early May. Works great. My lawn greened up and has filled in many dead spots. My only complaint is that it didn’t go as far as the label said. You have to move pretty fast to cover your lawn.”

– Greg via walmart.com

“Very poor online service. Unable to cancel my 2023 automatic order. Using their ‘bot’ gives no help. Very disappointed.”

— Brad H. via Facebook

“I can’t seem to get my shipment and it’s been ‘re-sent’ two or three times and still nothing—tracking doesn’t work.”

— Loren E. via Facebook

*BBB rating accurate as of April 2024.

Is Sunday Lawn Care Worth it?

Sunday provides an innovative, eco-friendly approach to lawn care that appeals to many homeowners, with the added benefit of shipments straight to their doorstep. The user-friendly packaging and DIY approach is ideal for new homeowners or those with smaller yards who are looking to save on costs for a healthy lawn.

However, if you’re looking for the time-saving convenience of full-service lawn care, TruGreen is a nationally recognized company that we’ve rated as our best overall pick. With a convenient mobile app, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of services, this is our top choice for hands-off lawn care.

FAQs About Sunday Lawn Care

How often can you apply Sunday to your lawn?

You can apply Sunday nutrient pouches two to four times per year, depending on your location, type of grass, and the guidance provided in your Smart Lawn plan. Your Sunday products should only be used during your region’s growing season.

Does Sunday lawn care help with weeds?

Two of Sunday’s products are designed to kill weeds. Weed Warrior is an herbicidal, non-selective herbicide that kills weeds including dandelions, chickweed, moss, and more. However, because it is non-selective, it will also kill any grass it touches. Dandelion Doom is formulated to target broadleaf weeds for a more specialized approach.

Do you need to water Sunday lawn products after applying?

It is best to water the day before applying Sunday lawn care. Recently hydrated grass has better nutrient absorption, but rain or watering the day after can wash away precious nutrients. Check that the forecast doesn’t include rain, and water your grass the day before application for best results.

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team backs up our lawn recommendations with a detailed rating methodology that we use to objectively score each provider. We review lawn care plans and packages, navigate the provider website and speak with customer service representatives, request quotes, and analyze customer reviews for each provider. We then score the provider against our review standards for plan options, additional benefits and customizability, availability, trustworthiness, and customer service to arrive at a final score on a 5-point rating scale.

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