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Landscaping a yard

Backyard Renovation: From Dirt Patch to Perennial Paradise

Twelve years after taking on a barren backyard, this passionate gardener is still weaving it into a rich tapestry of color and texture.

Chainsaw cutting through tree log

How to Use a Chainsaw

Safe and efficient cutting techniques with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and chainsaw expert Tim Ard.

Creative Groundcover Combinations

Why settle for a one-note planting when there’s so much variety to try? Here’s how to weave a tapestry of low-growing perennials that will beautify your yard.


Build It | Fire Pit Cover

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva works with host Kevin O’Connor to build a cover that can turn a store bought fire pit into a table when not in use.

Mark McCullough holding a pipe to build a dry well

How to Build a Simple Dry Well

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough installs a dry well for a homeowner with drainage issues in his backyard.

Spring Checklist: Prep Your Home for Warm Weather

Get your home, lawn, and garden ready for the milder, wetter days on the way

Ultimate Guide to Tree Pruning (2022)

Looking for the best methods and tips for tree pruning? Our guide outlines best pruning practices and how this maintenance affects the health of your trees.

S17 E1, Jenn Nawada installs a plunge pool

How to Install a Plunge Pool

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada installs a plunge pool for a homeowner with a small back yard

Perennials That Bloom Every Year

With their ornamental beauty and adaptable natures, many perennial garden favorites are worth a second look for their resiliency in an era of weather extremes.

How To Kill a Tree Stump (2022 Guide)

From home remedies to professional solutions, here’s everything you need to know about getting rid of a tree stump in your yard.

A Complete Guide to Autumn Cherry Trees

Autumn cherry trees reveal their stunning pink-white blossoms in early spring—and do an encore in fall.

Pierre Landscape Review (2022)

Pierre Landscape provides eco-friendly landscaping services to Los Angeles residents. Read our review to learn about services and how Pierre stacks up against the competition.

Mariani Landscape Review (2022)

If you’re a Chicago resident looking for landscaping services, consider Mariani Landscape. Read our review to learn more about services, pricing, and customer reviews.

Cagwin & Dorward Review (2022)

If you’re looking for lawn care and landscaping services, Cagwin & Dorward may be right for you. Keep reading to learn about Cagwin & Dorward services, pricing, and customer reviews.

R.P. Marzilli & Company Review (2022)

R.P. Marzilli & Company is a leading landscape firm based in the New England area. Keep reading to learn more about their services.

Christy Webber Landscapes Review (2022)

Christy Webber Landscapes is a full-service landscape design company based in Chicago. Read on for information about services and pricing in your area.

Heartland Turf & Landscape Review (2022)

Heartland Turf & Landscape is a Kansas-based landscaping and lawn care company that provides services like overseeding, leaf removal, and pest control. Keep reading our review to learn more.

Denison Landscaping Review (2022)

If you’re looking for a traditional landscaping business that offers full-service design and installation services, consider Denison Landscaping. Read this review to learn more about services and availability.

Roger Cook transplants a shrub

How to Transplant a Shrub

In this how-to video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook moves a shrub to a new home

S20 E17, Jenn Nawada and Mark McCullough build a stone water fountain

How to Build a Stone Water Fountain

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada and mason Mark McCullough team up to build a simple stone water feature that makes a big impact.

S16 E3, Jenn Nawada builds a water feature

How to Install a Water Feature that Reuses Rainwater

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada installs a water feature that collects and reuses rainwater.

S20 E16, Jenn Nawada talks about becoming a landscape designer

How Jenn Nawada Became a Landscape Designer

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada explains how she found her trade and how she ended up on the team at Ask This Old House.

The 5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers (2022 Review)

Electric mowers are more economical and lightweight than gas mowers. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best electric lawn mowers on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

S20 E11, Jenn Nawada discusses holly

All About Holly Bushes

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada explains how to identify and care for holly plants and incorporate them into a landscape.


How to Transform Your Landscape Using Existing Plants

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada uses a homeowner’s existing plants and a few additions to transform the look of a house’s foundation

Roger Cook shows how to prepare shrubs for winter to Kevin O’Connor

Winter Plant Protection

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shares his secrets for helping shrubs survive the cold winters.

S5 E14, Roger Cook prunes a large tree

How to Prune a Large Tree

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and certified arborist Matt Foti show how to trim back a wildly overgrown willow


How to Reimagine a Historic Landscape Design

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada uses an historic landscape design from a protégé of Frederick Law Olmsted as inspiration to transform an overgrown backyard.

S20 E2, Jenn Nawada designs a high-traffic landscape

How to Design a High Traffic Landscape

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada works with a homeowner who lives on a corner lot to create an attractive, durable landscape that can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic.

5 Gorgeous Rock Landscaping Ideas

Consider the various ways of using rocks in your landscape design—and the many benefits.

How to Build a Pergola

Building a classic shade arbor for the backyard


Pruning a Crabapple Tree

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner prune his crabapple tree