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In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to plant vine.


1. Choose a planting location for the vine that's close to a stonewall, fence or trellis.
2. Spread a plastic tarp beside the planting location.
3. Dig a hole two times wider than the vine's root ball and as deep as its pot; shovel the soil onto the tarp.
4. Pull the vine from its plastic pot and set it in the hole.
5. Tip the vine back against the stonewall, fence or trellis.
6. Loosen the packed dirt of the root ball by scratching it with a three-prong cultivator.
7. In a wheelbarrow, mix topsoil, peat moss, superphosphate and slow-release fertilizer.
8. Backfill around root ball with amended soil; form a raised ring of soil around base of plant.
9. Fill raised ring around plant with water.
10. If plant came attached to a wooden frame, leave it in place until vine becomes established, then cut away the frame.