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In this video, certified arborist Matt Foti installs hardware to save a troubled tree from certain failure.


1. Climb into the tree to a point that's two-thirds of the way above the tree's main crotch.

2. Drill holes through two large limbs, one on either side of the tree.

3. Insert an eyebolt into each hole and secure with a hex nut.

4. Install a metal thimble to each eyebolt, then thread a steel cable through the thimbles.

5. Pull the cable taut by tightening the nut on one of the eyebolts.

6. To prevent the tree from splitting below the crotch, drill three holes through the trunk. Be sure to crisscross the holes for maximum support.

7. Use a large gouge and mallet to cut a counter-bore hole into the tree to accommodate a washer and two hex nuts.

8. Put a washer and two hex nuts on one end of a long threaded rod, then tap it through the hole in the trunk. Repeat for the remaining holes.

9. Place a washer and two hex nuts on opposite end of each threaded rod and tighten with a wrench.

10. Trim off the protruding end of the rods with a hacksaw.