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How to Transplant a Small Evergreen Tree

In this how-to video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook moves an evergreen to a new home

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to transplant a small tree.

1. Wrap tree with rope to protect the branches during transport to new location.
2. Measure the width of tree trunk; multiply by 10 to determine root ball diameter.
3. Tie tope around trunk to represent radius of root ball; scratch root ball diameter in dirt around tree.
4. Cut straight down with square-blade shovel to sever roots all around tree.
5. Dig around the root ball with pointed shovel.
6. Cut thick roots with loppers.
7. Continue digging to undercut tree and reveal root ball.
8. Wrap burlap around root ball and pin with nails.
9. Tie burlap to root ball with string.
10. Push tree onto tree dolly, and pull it from hole.
11. Dig new hole twice as wide as root ball, and 2 inches shorter than height of root ball.
12. Set tree in hole; cut away burlap.
13. Mix starter fertilizer with soil.
14. Back fill around tree with soil; untie the branches.
15. Form 4-inch-high ring of soil around tree.
16. Drive in stakes around tree; secure stakes to tree with plastic ties.
17. Thoroughly water tree with garden hose.
18. Add bark mulch around base of tree.
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