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The 5 Best Coffee Makers (2023)

Coffee makers automate the coffee brewing process to deliver hot and delicious coffee in just minutes. In this review, the This Old House Reviews team researched the five best coffee makers to help you select a model that’s right for your kitchen. The products included in this article are available at various stores and online retailers like Amazon.

Technivorm Moccamaster 10-Cup Coffee Maker Courtesy Amazon

Coffee makers simplify the process of making your favorite cup of coffee. They’re available in a variety of designs and come with features like single-cup serving, automatic brewing, and milk frothing. While other methods for making coffee persist, the convenience of an electric coffee maker has made it a preferred brewing method for many households.

To help you select a coffee maker, the This Old House Reviews team researched the best coffee makers on Amazon and created a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Here are our top five coffee maker recommendations.

Top 5 Coffee Makers

Best Single-Cup: Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

This Keurig single-serve coffee maker has easy-to-use buttons that help you brew a six-, eight-, or 10-ounce cup of coffee. Along with its button controls, this maker includes an auto-off feature that helps you save energy by turning off after being idle for two continuous hours. Additionally, the coffee maker includes a descale setting that helps you remove the calcium deposits inside of the machine.

Key Features

  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty
  • Has a 48-ounce removable water reservoir
  • Weighs nine pounds
  • Offers a single-serve option only

What Customers Are Saying

Many positive reviews centered around the coffee maker’s simplicity, with customers praising the machine’s ability to cater to the needs of many coffee drinkers with its single-serve design. Some customers complained that the maker was unreliable and stopped working within a year of purchase.

Best for Pot Brewing: Cuisinart Perfectemp 14-Cup Coffee Maker

Featuring a large 14-cup carafe and brew-strength control, this coffee maker allows you to customize your brew to fit the needs of your family. The coffee maker also offers automatic brewing with 24-hour programmability so that you can wake up to hot coffee in the morning. Additionally, the maker includes a reusable gold-tone coffee filter and a charcoal water filter.

Key Features

  • Brews up to a 14-ounce pot of coffee
  • Comes with a limited three-year warranty
  • Weighs 3.8 pounds
  • Offers pot brewing only

What Customers Are Saying

Many satisfied customers praised the taste of this product’s brewed coffee, with some complimenting the machine’s bold setting, which slowed down the brewing process to produce a strong pot of coffee. Other positive reviews commented on how simple it was to use and clean the machine. Many negative reviews centered around the brewer’s burner plate and its tendency to flake and corrode after continued use.

Best Programmable Brewer: Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center

This dual-functioning coffee maker gives homeowners the choice between brewing a pot of coffee or a single-serve cup. The maker also has a unique design that features a removable water reservoir and drip tray for easy refills and cleanups. To help you brew your coffee, the machine includes a reusable coffee filter, a reusable K-cup pod, and a charcoal water filter.

Key Features

  • Comes with a limited three-year warranty
  • Has a 40-ounce removable water reservoir for single-use brewing
  • Weighs 12.2 pounds
  • Offers single-serve brewing and pot brewing

What Customers Are Saying

Many positive reviews centered around the maker’s compact size, which fits seamlessly on existing kitchen countertops. Other positive reviews praised the brewer’s automation features that kept the coffee warm long after it was initially brewed. Negative reviews complained about the maker’s back-facing water reservoir, which some said made pouring the coffee difficult.

Most Versatile: Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

This coffee maker from Ninja offers six brewing sizes and comes with a fold-away frother that creates cold or warm milk froth for cappuccinos, espressos, and cold brews. The coffee maker also features a programmable delay brew so that you can wake up to a pot of coffee in the morning.

Key Features

  • Features six brew sizes
  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty
  • Has a 50-ounce water reservoir
  • Weighs 3.1 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Many positive reviews focused on the user-friendly design of the coffee maker. Other positive reviews praised the maker for its multiple size settings that brewed single-serve and pots of coffee. Negative reviews expressed concerns over the longevity of the brewer, with some customers complaining about warped components after continued use.

Best Design: Technivorm Moccamaster 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Available in over 20 unique colors like pistachio green, yellow pepper, and orange, this coffee maker is a stylish addition to any kitchen. The coffee maker uses an efficient nine-hole outlet arm that brews a rich and flavorful pot of coffee. Additionally, the brewer comes with a 40-ounce water reservoir that can complete a brewing cycle in as little as four minutes.

Key Features

  • Comes with a limited five-year warranty
  • Has a 40-ounce water reservoir
  • Weighs 6.3 pounds
  • Offers pot brewing only

What Customers Are Saying

Positive reviews commented on the coffee maker’s brew, with some customers stating that the quality exceeded what was produced from their previous coffee maker. Other positive reviews centered around the machine’s look and unique color. Negative reviews contradicted the positive claims that this maker produced coffee with superior taste, with some customers stating that the maker’s brew wasn’t worth its cost.

Buying Guide

Coffee makers come in a variety of designs, each offering unique features and benefits. Keep reading for important factors to consider before buying a coffee maker.

Brewing Capacity

Brewing capacity refers to the amount of coffee your machine can make in one cycle. Single-serve brewers will only be able to serve one person at a time. Other coffee makers like the 12-cup brewer from Cuisinart can satisfy the coffee needs of a few people.

Brewing Method

When dealing with automatic brewers, select a model that brews in your preferred manner. Some models, including the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, only brew single cups suited for one drinker. Other coffee makers like the Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center brew both single cups and pots of coffee.

Programmable Features

While all coffee makers brew coffee, some of them offer additional programmable features that allow you to adjust the brew temperature or brew time. For example, products like the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker and Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center allow you to wake up to a pot of coffee with their automatic brew feature. Other machines like the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker have an auto-off function that turns off the machine after a set period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a coffee maker?

The lifespan of a coffee maker varies, with factors like frequency of use and machine maintenance affecting how long the machine will last. If you properly maintain your coffee maker and descale your machine regularly, your coffee maker should last for at least five years.

What should I look for when buying a coffee maker?

Consider the machine’s brew size, brewing method, and additional operation features like auto shut-off and scheduled brewing before making a purchase.

How often should I replace my coffee maker’s water filter?

To remove impurities from your water, replace your coffee maker’s water filter every few months. Additionally, descale your coffee maker when you replace the water filter to remove any mineral buildup.

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