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Home Inspection Nightmares XII

Trying to sell your house? Don't make these appalling mistakes! The latest, weirdest discoveries from the home inspectors of the ASHI Reporter

Disabled Awning

Photo by Tom Tussing

Crutches are designed to support, but this might be a new application.

Tom Tussing

M.H. Shaefer Inspection Service, Inc.

New Britain, Conn.

Please Keep Dr. Phil Out of Your Bathtub

Photo by Joe McKinney

I came across this interesting configuration during a recent home inspection: a TV installed just above a jetted tub. The TV did not have a remote, so I envisioned the homeowner standing in the water and surfing the channels. I advised the owner of the potential electrical shock hazard, but he saw no problem with the TV in the tub and planned to continue enjoying Dr. Phil while bathing.

Joe McKinney

McKinney Home Inspection, Inc.

Lawrence, Kansas

Put That in Your Pipe (Or on It)

Photo by Jim Blonshine

Here's a 50-year-old cast-iron drain pipe supporting a column under the house's main

carrying beam. How long before the whole thing goes down the drain?

Jim Blonshine

Infotech LLC

Gales Ferry, CT

Yowie Zowie

Photo by Rod Harrison

A new way to wire a closet light. Just don't touch the plug.

Rod Harrison

Christian Building Inspectors, Inc.

Duluth, Georgia.

Something's Fishy in the Attic

Photo by

I thought I had seen everything in an attic until I saw this. Yes, these are fish.

Mike Duncan

One To One Home Inspection

Columbus, Ohio

An Explosive Combination

Photo by Michael Legatt

This is an interesting example of someone who does not think gas combined with electric can hurt you.

Michael Legatt

Advantage Inspection Service

Phoenix, Arizona

Kick This Habit

Photo by Dave Fletcher

Must be a new type of insulation—or a better ashtray—not sure which.

Dave Fletcher

Pillar To Post operated by kwFAST Inc.

Harrison, Tennessee

All-Purpose Chimney

Photo by Rich Madore

When I didn't see a plumbing vent anywhere on the roof, I just knew I was going to find it someplace interesting—like attached to the chimney.

Rich Madore

Pillar To Post Home Inspections

Newington, Connecticut

Rube Goldberg Contraption

Photo by Scott Stegall

Remember that game Mouse Trap, where the ball would fall from one thing to the other? This guy must really have a fear of heights to go to this extreme. Water leaked from roof flue into metal pan hanging from rafters, drained into pipe discharging into an air handler drip pan under the unit, which ran from the second floor to the crawl space and discharged outside.

Scott Stegall

Carolina HomePro Inspection

Rock Hill, South Carolina

Extra, Extra

Photo by Corey Folsom

Hey, why not leave an entire roll of electrical wire hooked up at a crawlspace junction box since you never know what improvements you (or future buyers) may want.

Corey Folsom

Ben Lomond, California

Taking License with Parts

Photo by Jim Sexton

“I'm sorry, sir. Your water heater registration has expired. I'll have to issue you a citation. Have a nice day.”

Jim Sexton

Sexton's Inspections Inc.

Manassas, Virginia

Creative Reuse of a Chandelier

Photo by Rob Renfro

Dinner for two . . . in the crawlspace!

Rob Renfro

Coastline Home Inspections

Seattle, Washington

Duct Tape Use of the Month

Photo by Jerold Sweet

Here is a photo of a duct tape front cover of the main electric panel at an electrician's home. I wonder where the UL label is on the duct tape?

Jerold Sweet

Michigan Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Marshall, Michigan

Well, Eventually it Will Be Concrete

Photo by Ron Cook

It's nice to see a retaining wall with the proper weep holes. Unfortunately, the owner forgot to add water and stir the concrete.

Ron Cook

Close-Up Home Inspections

Hopedale. Massachusetts

Sideways Thinking

Photo by Roy Briscoe

If you turn your head sideways, the trap should work.

Roy Briscoe

OmniSpect Property Services

Hampton, New Hampshire