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Inspection How To & DIY

Improve the value of your home by discovering our inspection step-by-step tips & ideas.


How to Perform a Whole-House Energy Audit

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor and a specialist perform a whole-house energy audit

How to Give Your House a Yearly DIY Inspection

Fall is an excellent time to give your house its annual physical—before winter's harsh weather arrives.


How to Perform a Home Energy Audit

Spot the leaks, gaps, and cold spots around your home with some simple pieces of equipment

Slash Your Utility Bill with a DIY Energy Audit

This Old House tells you how to find and fix 12 potential trouble spots to boost your home's efficiency and save you money


How to Do Your Own Home Inspection

Even before you call in the engineer, you can give the house you want to buy the once-over with this advice from TOH's Two-Minute Expert

Fall Inspection Guide

Giving your house a yearly checkup is one way to keep big repairs at bay. Here's a 5-step plan for inspecting your home, from the pros at This Old House

What to Look for Before the Home Inspector Arrives

Before you sign a contract and pay a professional to inspect a house, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for yourself

How to Make Sense of Zoning

Local codes can be complicated, and running afoul of them costly. Here are ways homeowners can protect themselves from zoning hassles.