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Turn a Closet Into an Office Nook

Transform an unused hall closet into an organized home office

When you're tight on space, a home office may seem like a luxury, but carving one out from a seldom-used closet is easier than you think. Just take out the existing rod and follow these tips:

1. Set shelves at least 1 foot apart and mount with standards, which can hold up to 70 pounds per foot. Try: Elfa's Driftwood and Platinum Office in a Closet, $232;

2. Avoid clutter by stashing stationery and odds and ends in labeled, stackable boxes.

3. If your doors don't fold, take advantage of vertical real estate by screwing thin sheets of cork to their back sides for posting notes and bills.

4. Set your to-do lists in sight with a small, movable magnetic or dry-erase board. To make a one-of-a-kind version, prime and coat a piece of wood with blackboard paint.

5. Pick a narrow desk with slim drawers directly beneath the top for space-saving, easy-to-access storage.

6. Instead of installing a ceiling light, opt for a task lamp with an adjustable arm.

This idea originally appeared in This Old House magazine and in 88 Quick and Easy Home Upgrades