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Wooden Garden Bench

If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort transforming your backyard into a green oasis, you’d naturally want a sitting area to enjoy the view.

Get yourself a wooden bench with a simple design, and position it in a shady spot for your leisurely breaks. If you’re good with a jigsaw, it’s not difficult to make a nice contoured one with simple horizontal slats. Or you can find many similarly shaped ­offerings in garden catalogs and shops. A well-placed bench will be a welcome respite for the constant gardener, and the occasional regal admirer.

Steps on How to Build a Garden Bench

1. Get Your Materials & Measurements

Garden Bench Parts Illustration Illustration by Gregory Nemec
  • You can make a comfortable wooden seat with curves by cutting out stock lumber and laying the slats horizontally.

2. Shape the Seat Supports

Wooden Seat Supports Of DIY Garden Bench Illustration by Gregory Nemec
  • Draw the curves of the seat onto a 2x6, leaving at least 2 inches at the shallowest point.
  • Cut both seat supports at the same time. Sand them smooth.

3. Cut the Back Supports

Wooden Back Supports Of Garden Bench Illustration by Gregory Nemec
  • For each back support, cut one of the ends straight and the other by setting the angle at 15 degrees.
  • Cut a curve to round over one corner of the straight end, and sand it smooth.
  • Screw the back supports to the inside of the seat supports, splayed back slightly so that the angled edge is flush with the bottom of the seat support.

4. Make the Legs

Wooden Legs Of Garden Bench Illustration by Gregory Nemec
  • Cut the two front legs with square ends. Use two carriage bolts to screw them to the inside of the seat supports, ¾ inch in from the front edge.
  • Cut the two back legs with both ends angled, set at 15 degrees. Attach each to the outside of its seat support with carriage bolts, splayed back so that the angled ends are in a straight line with the front legs.

5. Reinforce the Bench

Spacers And Screws To Support Garden Bench Illustration by Gregory Nemec
  • Size two spacers to fit snugly between each front leg and angled back support. Attach them to the seat supports with 15⁄8-inch screws.
  • Screw a 1x3 to the edge of the front legs to connect the two seat supports.
  • Screw two 1x3s across the top and bottom of the back supports.

6. Install the Slats

Slat Installation Of Garden Bench Illustration by Gregory Nemec
  • Cut enough 3-foot-long slats to cover the bench.
  • Using 15⁄8-inch large-head deck screws, attach the slats to the supports.

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