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How to Apply an Epoxy Coating to a Garage Floor

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows the steps to creating a durable, stain-resistant garage floor

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to apply an epoxy coating to a garage floor.


1. Scarify the garage floor with a grinding machine.
2. Sweep the floor clean and apply a coat of concrete primer.
3. Mix up two-part epoxy base coat with a drill and mixing paddle.
4. Pour epoxy onto floor, distribute it with a squeegee.
5. Cut in around perimeter of floor with a paintbrush.
6. Smooth the epoxy using a long-handled paint roller.
7. While the epoxy is still wet, spread vinyl chips across entire surface.
8. Wait overnight for epoxy to set up, then use a floor scraper to remove excess vinyl chips.
9. Apply clear topcoat to the garage floor.
10. Wait for seven days for epoxy and topcoat to fully cure before driving on the surface.