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The 5 Best Computer Desks (2022 Guide)

Computer desks are a practical way of staying focused while working from home. In this review, the This Old House Reviews team highlights the best computer desks for working, paying bills, gaming, and everything in between. The products included in this article are available at various furniture stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

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A quality computer desk helps you stay organized by housing the electronics and supplies you use on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for an office desk or something to support your gaming set-up, a quality desk is worth the investment.

With so many desks on the market, finding the right one to incorporate alongside existing office furniture or fit into your personal room can be a challenge. That’s why the This Old House Reviews team did the research for you, evaluating the various features and storage options to provide you with a comprehensive selection of computer desks to fit your individual needs.

Our Process

An affordable, high-quality computer desk is essential for any home, particularly if you work remotely or need a designated workspace. The This Old House Reviews team recognizes the importance of a durable and convenient desk. That’s why we’ve researched desks online and poured over customer reviews to help you find the best computer desk for your home.

Types of Computer Desks

To narrow down your search for a computer desk, the first thing you should be aware of is the differences between each type of desk. Typically, desks fall into the following four categories: full-size computer desks, compact computer desks, wall-mounted computer desks, and standing desks.

Full-size computer desks

Full-sized computer desks are some of the largest desks available and typically contain special features like attachable file cabinets or bookshelves. Because full-sized desks tend to take up plenty of space, they’re best suited for larger rooms like a den or office. Additionally, their larger size usually comes with a higher price tag.

Our recommendation for a full-size computer desk is the Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk. Though it’s a full-sized desk, it has an L-shaped design that allows it to contour to the corner of any room and minimize clutter. Additionally, the Mr IRONSTONE desk provides customers with plenty of desk space to support a variety of monitor setups and accessories.

Compact computer desks

Compact computer desks are slightly smaller than their full-sized counterparts but are usually more affordable. They’re great for tight spaces but lack many of the desk features seen in other full-sized models.

Our recommendation for a compact computer desk is the SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk. The desk’s small, 48-inch frame makes it a great option for cramped rooms or customers looking to maximize their space. Plus, its steel frame adds a modern design.

Wall-mounted computer desks

These computer desks attach directly to the wall without taking up floor space. Wall-mounted computer desks are customizable and can be adjusted to the desired height of its user. A couple of downsides to wall-mounted desks are that they require extensive installation and special tools.

Though we didn’t include any wall-mounted models in our top picks because of their difficult assembly, we recommend the Prepac Floating Desk if you’re willing to put in the time and effort that’s required for installation.

Standing desks

These desks are height adjustable and are popular for those that enjoy the flexibility to sit or stand while working. While standing desks are convenient, they usually don’t offer a lot of desk space, a reason we didn’t include them in our top picks.

If you want the option to stand, we recommend a stand-up desk converter like the Seville Classics airLIFT. This stand-up desk converter can be placed on top of any full-sized desk. It acts as a monitor riser while you sit and its height can be adjusted if you want the option to stand.

6 Major Factors to Consider

We recommend considering these six factors before purchasing a computer desk so that you can select the right model for your work habits and preferences.

How you work

If you plan to use your desk for sending emails and making calls, a compact desk like the SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk is going to be a good, affordable option. If you deal with multiple files, documents, and papers, you’ll probably want something larger like the Foxemart Computer Desk. Additionally, if you plan to use your computer desk for gaming, ensure that your selection has enough surface space and compartments for your entire gaming setup.

Size of your existing space

To avoid buying a desk that’s too big or too small, measure the room before making a purchase. Ensure that you have at least two and a half to three feet of space in front of the desk for your chair.

In general, the standard dimensions of a computer desk are as follows:

  • Height: 24–28 inches
  • Width: 24–60 inches
  • Depth: 20–30 inches


Consider the material your desk is made of before purchasing. Many desks are made with laminate, but it’s common to see wood, metal, or glass computer desks. It’s important to understand that the material of the desk affects its price. For example, desks made of real wood or metal are going to cost more than a laminate desk.

Pre-assembled vs. ready-to-assemble

Pre-assembled computer desks are ready to use once they’re unboxed. Ready-to-assemble desks require manual installation, and because of that, they’re a little more affordable. Additionally, ready-to-assemble computer desks are easier to transport through doorways and halls. Before purchasing, consider the time and effort you’re willing to spend on setting up your new desk.

Desk shape and configuration

Rectangular desks are the most common computer desks on the market, but there are other options. L-shaped desks, like the Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk, are becoming popular because of their storage space and a natural fit in the corner of a room.


Computer desks with proper ergonomic design features will not only make working more comfortable but can also lessen the risk of stress injuries. Some features to look for in an ergonomically-sound desk include a pull-out keyboard, elevated shelves for monitors, and adjustable surface heights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Desks

What is the best computer desk for PC gaming?

The best gaming computer desk is the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro. The desk is designed with gamers in mind, offering designated stands and shelves for your tablets, smartphone, and games. The desk has an elevated monitor stand for improved ergonomics and even has a cup holder attached to its side to safely store your drink.

What is the most affordable computer desk?

Purchasing a computer desk doesn’t have to break the bank. The SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk is an affordable, yet effective desk with a price tag under $100. The desk is easy to assemble, compact and comes in two different colors.

What is the best standing computer desk?

The best standing desk is the Seville Classics airLIFT. The stand-up desk converter is placed on top of any full-sized computer desk and is manually lowered or raised to prevent the need for wire management.

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