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Choosing the Right Construction Equipment for a Challenging Worksite

Every job site has its challenges. When it comes to choosing the right equipment for yours, it’s essential to go with what offers a range of power and versatility. Kubota’s construction-site equipment is adaptable, reliable, and offers award-winning power. Watch to learn why Kubota’s equipment might be right for your next job.  

There’s a lot of work to be done at this site, and with the help of Kubota’s machinery, builder Jerry Effren’s team at Greyrock Homes will be able to get the job done quickly and easily.

Sub-compact Tractor

Kubota’s BX series brings maintenance capabilities in an all-in-one machine at an affordable price point. This sub-compact tractor is ideal for smaller lots and helps create less work to clean up the job site.

With a height of 7 feet and foldable ROPs, safety and easy storage are assured.

Compact Excavator

Kubota’s U35 excavator can be used for larger jobs. It comes with a cutler system to change out the buckets for trenching or grading. It features a minimum tail swing and an industry-leading bucket breakout force.

This 3.5-ton excavator maintains ideal operator comfort with its spacious deluxe cab. It’s user-friendly, air-conditioned, and offers great visibility for the operator.

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