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In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva silences some squeaky floors.

1. Slowly walk around room to pinpoint squeaky floorboards.
2. Drill a ⅛-inch-diameter x ¾-inch-deep hole through a floorboard.
3. Insert a 2-inch (6d) finishing nail into hole to determine if there's a space below the floorboards, indicating a sleeper system.
4. Insert a Counter-Snap breakaway screw through the metal depth-control fixture that comes with the screws. If flooring is installed over subfloor, use standard-length breakaway screws. If there are sleepers below the floor, use long decking breakaway screws.
5. Hold the depth-control fixture tight to floor and drive a screw through the floorboard and into the subfloor below. For best results, run the drill at its highest speed. Pilot holes are not typically required.
6. The screw head will automatically snap off when it comes in contact with the depth-control fixture. Drive in one screw at each squeaky spot on the floor.
7. Fill the screw holes with a wood filler stick.
8. Wipe away the excess filler with a dry, clean cloth.