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In this video, Master electrician Allen Gallant powers up a new outlet.


1. Turn off power to the room where the new outlet will be installed 2. Measure to find location of new outlet 3. Drill down through floor and into basement at new outlet location 4. Measure over from drill bit poking into basement to locate the nearest stud bay 5. Cut hole for new outlet box in baseboard or wall 6. Drill down through outlet box hole and into basement with extended spade bit 7. Feed fish tape down hole, attach electrical cable to tape, then pull cable into the room 8. Strip the outer insulation from the cable 9. Pull cable into electrical box; tighten cable clamp 10. Wrap bare copper wire around green grounding screw inside of box and tighten screw 11. Screw electrical box to the wall 12. Attach white wire to silver screw on outlet 13. Attach black wire to brass screw on outlet 14. Attach bare copper wire to green grounding screw on outlet 15. Wrap electrical tape around outlet to protect wire connections 16. Screw outlet to the electrical box; install cover plate 17. Have licensed electrician connect cable to existing circuit or to main electrical panel 18. Turn on power and test the outlet