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How to Choose Wire Nuts for Your Projects

Ask This Old House master electrician Scott Caron explains the differences between wire nuts of various sizes and colors.


  1. Scott explains the color and size of wire nuts are very important. Each color and size can handle a different amount of wires and gauge sizes.
  2. Scott says the packaging on wire nuts typically shows which wire nuts work best with which gauge wires, and the number of connections they can handle.
  3. Scott explains when wires were first spliced, they were soldered together like copper pipes in plumbing and covered with electrical tape. But the dangers were high for those type of connections.
  4. Scott says the next type of connection was a copper coupling which covered the wires and bound them together. The coupling was then crimped to hold the splice firmly.
  5. Scott shows Kevin how to splice two wires by lining up the insulation on both wires and twisting them together with lineman pliers. Once a solid connection is made, cut off the tip of the splice and cover it with a wire nut and ensure that no copper is showing.