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Outlet Installation with a Master Electrician

Look over the shoulder of electrician Heath Eastman as he installs an electrical outlet in our Brookline project house to learn a few tricks of the trade.

Installing an electrical outlet may seem like a simple process, but have you ever looked over the shoulder of a professional electrician to see exactly how he/she does it?

The right tools and no wasted movements make for an efficient process. Here, I caught up with electrician Heath Eastman just as we were wrapping up our Brookline project house. Eastman installed this outlet on a dead circuit where the breaker hadn't been hooked up yet. On a good day, Eastman says he can install an outlet in about 60 seconds.

Check out the video to see a master electrician at work. Notice how he holds the screwdriver when tightening the terminal screws so that it doesn’t slip out of the slot? And learn why he’s wearing rubber gloves. If you’ve ever asked “to tape, or not to tape?” Eastman has the answer.