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Your opinion please - Is it asbestos?

Here's a link to a photo of pipe insulation in a 100-year-old office building. Sure looks like it could be friable asbestos.


Yes, I've reported it, but management doesn't seem to be all that concerned.

Re: Your opinion please - Is it asbestos?

Certainly looks like it.
Not sure where you should take it. I would start with local agencies. Building, environmental, etc. Is it in your leased space or public areas? If so there should be more options.

A. Spruce
Re: Your opinion please - Is it asbestos?

That does not look good at all. Since you are getting nowhere with building owners/maintenance, the next step is to the municipality. Start with the building department, they can tell you where to go from there.

Re: Your opinion please - Is it asbestos?

Asbestos isn't quite the evil it's made out to be -- incidental exposure probably won't cause cancer. However, failure to properly mitigate (which doesn't necessarily mean removal) or improper disposal can be hazardous to your bank account if not your health.

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