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Wireless Security Systems

My husband and I were watching the show yesterday, and a segment had wireless security systems featured by 'Simpli-Safe'. They also showed a camera that allows you to view your house when you are away. The camera was not part of Simpli-Safe (we contacted that company and they told us they don't have a camera). Can anyone tell us the name of the company that had the camera? Thank you much

Re: Wireless Security Systems

I didn't watch the show, but you can Google 'home security cam viewed from outside location' to see some choices.

Re: Wireless Security Systems

There are web based systems that will allow you to access cameras in or outside the home. A search engine should give you ideas.

Re: Wireless Security Systems

For those to work, you have to have a high speed internet that is on all the time, and it has to have a local wi-fi that is on all the time. If you don't protect that wi-fi, then all your neighbors and any passerbys can use your internet for themselves, using up any data allowances you have and maybe causing you issues with law enforcement if they use your internet to visit illegal sites or use it for illegal activities.

You also need a computer that is on 24/7. You can buy multi-camera systems that have their own CPU and hard drive, but it still needs that 24/7 secured internet connection.

Re: Wireless Security Systems

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