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Who's Your Favorite?

Who's your favorite cast member on TOH or ATOH? I dressed up as Norm Abram for Halloween so, my fave goes without saying. But, Roger Cook runs a close second!

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

I think Tom Silva gets my vote, because there is seemingly nothing he can't do. however as a team they are unstoppable.

I would also like to express condolences to the family of Tile Contractor Joe Ferrante. I just read in the new issue of his untimely death of a Heart attack at only age 56. i have been watching TOH since i was a little kid and i almost feel like i know him.My prayers are with the family and friends of Joe.

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be Tommy Silva hands down. The man is amazing as far as his expertise, as well as pleasing to the eye.

kreg mcmahon
Re: Who's Your Favorite?

since I personall meet norm last october at rockler store, I would have to pick him, but tommy comes ina very close 2nd, as they both have knowledge and are masters in their craft.

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

That's like asking who your favorite child is...

Seriously though, I've met all of them with the exception of Richard and think they're all great "regular" guys who just happen to be the best at what they do...

I was even lucky enough to have Roger and company show up at my house after one of my questions I submitted was answered by ATOH... It was an unbelievable experience having the whole ATOH crew filming at my house, and even eating lunch in my own kitchen! Director David Voss, cameraman Dino D'Onofrio, producers, assistants and of course Roger Cook were all there and I had the pleasure of experiencing a day in the life with all of them!!!

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

My favorite is definitely Tom Silva. ;)

I've watched them most of my life and feel like they are family. I felt the pain in the Bilarica fire, cried when I heard about Joe, wanted to call Tommy and tell him about a fabulous Orthopedic Surgeon when he hurt his knee. I'm a total addict.

I nearly went nuts when I moved to an area where the local PBS station wouldn't come in and there wasn't any cable either.:eek: How do you explain to your husband that since he wouldn't go on to be a carpenter after all I would have to have my fix via television and I was moving back "home" so I could see "my guys" on the weekend? :rolleyes:

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

Being In the Lawn - Landscape business myself, my vote goes to Roger Cook. Roger has helped me make a lot of my projects run a lot smoother than they used to. :D I also frequent his BYOB website a lot.

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

Let’s see, who’s my favorite…

Tom impresses me with the depth and breath of his knowledge and his meticulous attention to detail. I think they should call him “Dr. House” since he can fix anything.

Norm impresses me with his artistic creations. His craftsmanship is superb.

Roger is such a hard-working dig-in-the-dirt guy. He is wonderfully enthusiastic about his craft and creates wonderful landscapes.

Richard always has a creative solution to the plumbing problems. And I love his sense of humor.

And last but certainly not least: Kevin is just fantastic as the host. I don’t think they could have done a better job in getting a new host.

Why have just one favorite? They are all my favorites.

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

Sure they could have I could have been the host.:D lol

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

I would have to say Tommy! Because of his attention to detail and he seems love his job.

Re: Who's Your Favorite?

Being master craftsman in their own trades it is hard to say who the best is. As far as hosts on the show it is a toss up. I think Tommy knows how to explain it more to the layman. Being a Master Electrician and little bit bias. I wonder why they do not have a full time master electrician on the show? I know they have a few on from time to time. But I personally would like to see one on all the time.. My Hand is up!!!! :cool: Any thoughts?

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