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Who to call to diagnose attic ventilation / insulation?

We have had several roofers out to look at our attic space to increase ventilation: we had a pretty big problem with attic condesation. We have a hip roof on a 2200 sq foot ranch house- huge attic space! the house has soffits & a ridge vent currently. We have installed 3 turbines which greatly improved the ventilation, but we are still getting minor condesation on really cold days or days without wind.

We want to eliminate this problem completly to ensure we get a long life on our roof - it's only 3yrs old - put on by the previous owners which appears to have started the problem. We don't want to keep calling roofers in and throwing money at it when it doesn't completly eliminate the problem. I feel like the roofers are "guessing"

Who should I call to do a thorough assesment of the whole ventilation & insulation system together to fix the issue once & for all?

Re: Who to call to diagnose attic ventilation / insulation?

You might call an energy auditor. You might get a referral from BPI (Building Performance Institute) or RESNET for a HERS rater. I would bet dollars to donuts, sitting 2000 miles away in my New England office, that your problem is not lack of ventilation. I dare say that by adding the ventilation you did, you will see your air conditioning (electricity) bill rise significantly. Those fans will be drawing a ton of air from the house and drawing more air in from the outside, needint to be cooled.

Your best solution is likely to be to spray foam insulation on
the underside of the roof. If there is as much condensation as you suggest, you need to address the source of the moisture, which is in all likliehood from inside the house.

Timothy Miller
Re: Who to call to diagnose attic ventilation / insulation?

Howdy if you live where it snows then you need to cover the turbines in the winter as snow blows in and a pile of snow in the attic is not what you want. Do yourbath rooms have fans ? And if so are these vented threw the attic to the outside? I ask as reducing the moisture in the home is great at avoiding condensation in the attic. The roof is vented- you can have a code compliance inspection but building codes require approximately 1 sqft venting for every 600 sqft of attic space. If you have lots of showers or long ones and have fans consider adding a timer as need to run 20 minutes past the end of the shower. An lastly if you run a humidifier on the furnace or otherwise turn it off. An see if the condensation stops in the attic.

Re: Who to call to diagnose attic ventilation / insulation?

Did you resolve this problem? The only people I know of is a structural engineer. He will cost about $1200 in my area just to do an inspection and provide a report as to where the moisture is coming from.

Considering all the things you've done, this may be your best bet.

Sadly, I've having a similar problem and i was hoping not to spend this kind of money but instead to use the money to make changes and see what happens next.

My house is on peers so I'm putting a moisture barrier underneath, digging around my house to keep water from flowing under it, and trying to figure out how to ventilate my attic.

If you've found anything helpful. Please post since I have similar concerns.

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